Money Sites Review – What you need to know.

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Money Sites

This is our personal review of the Money Sites system, if you are looking for the official Money Sites website, click the link below.

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Money Sites Review – What is it?

Money Sites is a comprehensive course on making money online through various paths, including Facebook. Now as you may know there are a lot of courses to be found on the internet that will teach you ways to make money on the internet, working from home. This one caught my attention because it offers something extra. Most courses just throw a bunch of theory your way and leave you to it for the rest. It is then up to you to figure it out on yourself how to puzzle all the pieces together. Most of the people buying these courses suffer from information overload as a result and are heading nowhere very fast. Not so with Money Sites!

Money Sites Review – What I Like

What I like in this Money Sites course is that you are not thrown before the lions, you are not left in the dark trying to figure it all out. Next to the theoretical lessons – and let’s face it, if you are new to this, you will need the theoretical background to get you started – they offer coaching and counseling as well: they have weekly “Conversion Office Hours Calls” and “Traffic and Affiliate Office Hours Call”. Once you have mastered some of the basics and put your website online, the Conversion Office Hours Calls focus specifically on your websites and your offers, while the Traffic and Affiliate Office Hours Call focus on ways to get traffic to your website: promoting it in a variety of ways… e-mail, Facebook, SEO, Banners… the program owners from Money Sites are with the student 100% of the way.

Money Sites Review – What I Didn’t Like

If there is one point of critique I could make about Money Sites it is the fact that all the information is ready at hand all in one go. Now I know that a lot of people will be grateful about this, but there is a caveat: some people cannot set their own pace and try to do everything all at once. So be aware of this. It is an excellent resource and it will teach you all the ropes and the tricks of the trade but you need to set a pace for yourself and take the lessons in one at a time and let some time to digest: it is not a race! If you take this advice to heart you should be alright.

Money Sites Review – Overall Thoughts

Jason and Jared (he prefers to be called Red) from Money Sites practice what they teach as well. They put their system at work for themselves and have a proven track record. This is important because anyone can write a course on how to move a Porsche around, but only an actual race driver can show you how to drive extremely fast and still be safe. That is why I can vouch for this course and recommend it to my readers: what is more, Jason and Red are so confident you’ll love being a Money Sites MAX member that they are willing to let you try it for the first 30 days without risk.

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